When It Blinds, Open Your Eyes

| 75 min
| German

Ivette Löcker accompanies two addicted St. Petersburgers in her documentary chamber play. They are the lost ""generation Perestroika"", which broke under the newly gained freedom. Ljoscha and his mother live with Schanna in a small apartment in St. Petersburg - but Ivette Löckler is not concerned with an inventory of the things that make up a wasted existence, but with the human achievement of gentleness in dealing with each another. Schannas and Ljoscha's attitude to life is not only bitter. In the face of a foreseeable end, they have preserved their joie de vivre, curiosity and humour. "The fragile beauty and tenderness of the film lies precisely in the observation and appreciation of small moments and gestures of affection. The film allows itself the richness not to display misery as such, but to search for remaining moments of happiness, for glimmers of hope. The greatest merit of this great film is not to slide into diffuse feelings, but always to consider the pain and the bitter reality." (perlentaucher.de)