Anya and Seryozha

| 30 min
| German

Anja and Serjoscha, young adults, live in Mariupol, a city in southeastern Ukraine, which was conquered by separatists in April 2014. Framed by thick reeds, Anja and Serjoscha sit on a jetty. In front of them, at the other end of the shore, chimneys of rusty brown factory buildings tower up. Anja's orange hair glows in the evening sun, she happily shows Serjoscha a few new sketches from her drawing book and then asks him if he would come along if she were to move away. "In unobtrusive closeness Ivette Löcker traces the life situation of Anja and Serjoscha, who are in the middle of a fragile in-between, which nevertheless means more than quiet reflection or dull waiting." (Jana Koch)