Far: The Story of a Journey Around the World

| 127 min

In the spring of 2013, Gwendolin and Patrick begin a journey around the world. Their goal is to go as far East as possible until they can return West to where the journey started. They set off from their hometown in the Black Forest on a five-year journey to discover as much of the world as possible and they did it by foot, hitchhiking or even ship. They wanted to have direct contact with the people they met along the way, in meetings particularly intense while 'thumbing' across continents. They journeyed from the Balkans to Moscow, through Central Asia, which is nearly inaccessible to tourists, the Caucasus, and then to Iran. From there, they went to Pakistan, India, Nepal, the Karakorum Mountains, China and Mongolia. From Irkutsk in Siberia, they travelled to Central America, where their son was born. "Above all, the film inspires hope. It is exactly the right antidote to all the mistrust, fear and xenophobia we are currently facing." (SWR)