Jaffa -The Orange's Clockwork

| 87 min
| English German

"A moving and critical, yet balanced, multi-layered political essay that unpeels the untold story of the world´s most famous fruit that originated in Palestine." (Aviva-Berlin.de) In his documentary, Eyal Sivan traces the orange-brand JAFFA using a unique composition of archival material. He shows old photos, early film-footage, commercials, political posters, and paintings of the Jaffa orange to Israeli and Palestinian intellectuals and to workers from the citrus industry. They remember, reflect and analyze their personal and national history using the Jaffa orange as a springboard. The different narratives complement each other, break myths and write a history beyond nationalist historiography. At the same time, the visual self-manifestation of Zionist brand “Jaffa” shows the systematic creation of a legend.