Yasuní - Two Seconds of Life

| 92 min
| English German

The President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, made an unusual and imaginative suggestion: he proposes that Ecuador leave the natural oil reserves in Yasuní national park “in the ground”. In return for foregoing future oil earnings to save the planet’s “green lungs” and the indigenous peoples living there, he asks industrialized countries to make a financial contribution equal to one-half the value of the oil left in the ground. This money would be used to start up sustainable energy projects. This documentary presents this unique situation involving the Amazon River Basin (which boasts the greatest fund of bio-diversity in the world) and the indigenous people who call the rain forest their home. This at times disturbing documentary is rounded out by a musical journey through Ecuador. YASUNI - TWO SECONDS OF LIFE is a plea to save the planet's 'green lungs'. The Amazon rain forest is in danger. It's unique biodiversity, the native peoples living there, and it's legacy of natural riches could soon be lost to humanity unless the first steps are taken to change the course of history. Is this the moment we've all been waiting for?