Little Alien

| 94 min
| English (United States) German (Germany)

Juma and Hishame attempt an extremely dangerous journey to Europe by hiding in the chassis of a truck, while Ahmed, Nura, Achmad and Asha mange to climb the fences. These teens risk life and limb to make it to Europe. Once here, they have to deal with the trauma of loss as well as long odysseys through a maze of governmental agencies. The laws that govern their lives are often inhumane, but they manage to not only find their own strategies of survival, but also to live life to the fullest. These teens are in-your-face and in love - young people trying to conquer life for themselves. They're alive, because they fled. Director Nina Kusturica, who fled war-torn Bosnia at the age of 17, shot 80 days in two years, at times under intensely adverse conditions. She completely immerses the viewer into the world of these teenage refugees with as little commentary as possible.