| 82 min
| German

FIDAI is a documentary about a veteran of the Algerian War. "Damien Onouri's sensitive, personal eyewitness film opens a new chapter in the discussion of revolutionary violence that goes beyond victimization and glorification." (The Standard) El Hadi leads a simple life in the Algerian province. He is a family man and one of the anonymous countless veterans of the Algerian War of Independence. In 1954, when the war began, El Hadi was 14 years old. At 20, he volunteered to become a FIDAI, an urban guerrilla of the Algerian Liberation Front FLN in France. In Paris, he carried out two attacks. 50 years later, director Damien Ounouri goes along with his uncle El Hadi on a journey. Layer by layer he wears through El Hadi's silence and a growing number of FIDAI begin to speak.