| 66 min
| English

Only armed with a phone number and a blurry profile picture, Lene searches the streets of Berlin an online acquaintance. The feature film debut AUTUMNFLUTTERIN by Birgitta Weizenegger (Lindenstraße, Tatort: Brüder) tells the story of Lena, a counselor at an orphanage, who was treated at a psychiatric clinic after a young girl in her care suffered a tragic accident. Once out of the hospital, she becomes obsessed by a man she meets in an online chatroom who goes by the name 'Be Good'. With only a mobile number and a blurry photo at hand, she searches for 'Be Good' in the streets of Berlin. "The film is a fascinating and poetic portrayal of a woman falling into madness... reminiscent of the early films by Werner Herzog and Lars von Trier." (Rainer Gansera, Hof Film Festival)