Ants Pact

| 20 min
German (Germany)
| English

Paul is 16 years old and earns pocket money as a sex worker. Fleeing a gang, he initially finds refuge with the stranger Samine, but eventually has to face everyday life again. His daily routine is characterized by numerous brief encounters. One day in a surprising face-off with some young people, he realizes that running away from his problems is impossible. All the same, Paul has made a pact. An 'ant pact' that questions the nature of reality. The line between reality and imagination blurs, creating a world in which he likes to be at home. "We would like to give a special mention to Benjamin Martins for his courageous and vulnerable short film ANTS PACT. The director finds strong images to visualize the inner world, the tragic life of a boy prostitute." (Jury Statement Interfilm Berlin)