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15 year old Alex has a secret – through a fluke of nature she is a hermaphrodite, both boy and girl. But the neighbours do not accept her. First honest film about the topic. With a name easily applicable to either gender, young teenager Alex's (Ines Efron) hermaphroditic physiology causes a massive identity crisis and severe emotional withdrawal. The social problems virtually force Alex and his/her sympathetic parents, Kraken (Ricardo Darín) and Suli (Valeria Bertuchelli) to move to nearby Uruguay. The situation grows increasingly complex when several friends of the family arrive: marrieds Erika (Carolina Pelereti) and Ramiro (German Palacios), a plastic surgeon, and their adolescent son, Alvaro (Martin Piroyanski), whom Alex instantly propositions for sex. “[Intersexed] stories are often exploited in lurid, sensationalistic accounts. Lucia Puenzo's XXY is the first film that I've seen on the subject that is honest and sensitive -- indeed, the only one. It is not a message picture, never lectures, contains partial nudity but avoids explicit images and grows into a poignant human drama.” (Roger Ebert)