Whisperers Behind the Wall

| 91 min

"Scary as Hitchcock: THE WOMAN BEHIND THE WALL begins as a fun comedy, then becomes a first-class thriller with a femme fatale as they are rarely seen in the German film." (FAZ) Full of hope, the young Martin comes from the province to study law to Berlin. He moves into a tiny, run-down apartment in a dark, quirky apartment building where the previous tenant, Robert, disappeared without a trace. While the shy Martin has trouble fitting in at university, the enticing landlady Simone arouses his desire. She lives next door, separated from Martin only by a thin wall. She lures him into her apartment and seduces him. Grzegorz Muskala, graduate of DFFB, reinterprets two Hitchcock scenarios: the observation theme from 'Rear Window' and the shower scene from 'Psycho'. He also adds elements of Coppola's wiretapping drama Conversation and stylistic elements from David Lynch. In total, however, the combination creates a whole new aesthetic.