Welcome Goodbye

| 82 min
| German (Germany) English (United States) Spanish (Spain)

Currently, Berlin is experiencing the highest growth rate of tourism in the world, a situation not everyone is happy about. This movie captures prevailing attitudes in the city. Fear of gentrification, animosity towards tourists, feeling one’s very existence is endangered. The documentary WELCOME GOODBYE captures prevailing attitudes by lending an ear to both the advocates and the adversaries of tourism. Author Harald Martenstein, the philosopher Bazon Barock, the "Tacheles" activist Martin Reiter, "Freies Neukölln"-host Matthias Merkle, residents annoyed by tourists, profiteers, and, of course, the tourists themselves have their say. "WELCOME GOODBYE clarifies the complex discourse about tourism and its consequences. An important movie at the right time." (achtungberlin.de)