| 115 min
| English French German Spanish Ukrainian

The RER B light rail crosses Paris from north to south: a journey inside these nondescript places we call the suburbs. A mechanic, the faithful at the basilica of SaintDenis, a nurse, the memory of the young people deported to Drancy, children, youth enjoying the summer calm, a writer in Gif-sur-Yvette, the follower of a hunting team, and the filmmaker returning to the places where she grew up. Each person is like the piece of a puzzle that forms a whole picture. A potential “Us”. Alice Diop offers a nuanced portrayal of characters we tend to see as caricatures and uses the medium of cinema to attain a community that values the conflicts and desires of each of its members. A sensitive and much-needed documentary about living together; a cinematic gesture by the director of Saint Omer (which will represent France at the Oscars in 2023).