Vue Pointe

| 11 min
| English

It is as if a thriller is about to unfold, but here objects are the focus, they create tension, they tell the story, silent and yet eloquent, of the secrets that the island holds. In his short film VUE POINTE, Arne Körner looks at an island - the rushing sea, bays, unusual plants and buildings. The biography of a place: a deserted island. A kingdom past. Everything in transformation. In a close observation, the island tells its own story over which a veil of the uninhabitable was laid years ago. What happened here, and when? For Arne Körner is no occasion too small. Especially in the simplest of situations, he shows visual mastery in the way he imbues everyday occurrences with weight and meaning. For example in VIEW POINTE, he returns, so to speak, to the beginning of the craft, to the Lumiere brothers, to the art of the curious and astonished contemplation of a world full of mysteries. What should one make of "exciting events" when every image is an event? (Michael Girke)