Viacrucis Migrante – Migrant Crossing

| 65
| German (Germany) English (United States) Spanish (Spain)

The documentary VIACRUCIS MIGRANTE – MIGRANT CROSSING Crossing by Hauke Lorenz gives people a voice who are on the arduous path to "the promised Land". The Journey through Mexico to get to the US-border is potentially lethal. The film focuses on a migrant shelter which is run by a Church in southern Mexico. VIACRUCIS MIGRANTE – MIGRANT CROSSING is a documentary about the men, women and children fleeing the extremely dangerous conditions in their home countries of Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. On their journeys they put themselves at risk of encountering many life-threatening perils. Just past the Southern Mexican border, they find a shelter with people who want to help them survive the martyrdom of the 1,700 kilometer trip to get to the USA. Not only young men cross into Mexico. We also meet a young woman, a family and an LGBT-person, all of whom are seeking protection from organized crime in their home country. Fearing the perilous journey towards the United States, they apply for asylum in Mexico. They all are aware of the risks of the journey and take power from faith to reach the 'promised land'. People on the run towards what they hope will be a better life: José, Noé, Alberto, Natalia, Ricarter, Dionicio, Carlos, Derick and Oswaldo tell us why they have no choice but to risk their lives on the journey through Mexico.