Trouble Every Day

| 101 min
French French
| German Dutch

Claire Denis uses intimate imagery to tell the story of two couples whose self-destructive desires will have deadly consequences. Shane (Vincent Gallo) and June (Tricia Vessey) are spending their honeymoon in Paris. But in fact, Shane is on a search for his former colleague Léo, with whom he shares a dark past. Now TROUBLE EVERY DAY can be viewed in a newly digitized version. The restoration was carried out by Agnès Godard, the cinematographer and Denis' loyal companion from that time. In addition, the film is accompanied by a resonant soundtrack by the British band Tindersticks. "Claire Denis is without question one of the boldest filmmakers of our time, whose masterpiece" (Kino Zeit) "has lost none of its radicalism even after more than 20 years." (Artechock)