Musik, Tanz, Theater
| 121 min
| German

Tralala, a singer in his forties, meets a very beautiful young woman one night who leaves him with a cryptic message: "Above all, don't be yourself". Was Tralala dreaming? He follows her trail to Lourdes, where a touching sixty-year-old believes that Tralala is really her own son Pat, who disappeared twenty years ago in the United States. Each main character was assigned his or her own composer, who contributed individual songs tailored to the role. These include big names from the French music scene, such as Philippe Katerine, Étienne Daho, Dominique A, Bertrand Belin, Jeanne Cherhal and Sein. "Joyously creative in its zany, laid back manner, TRALALA is a hugely delightful musical comedy, that plays with a Christ-like subtext." (Cineuropa)