The Whispering Star

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
| 100 min
| German

The Japanese punk poet Sion Sono returns to the screen with this minimalist space opera which was awarded the NETPAC Award at the Toronto International Film Festival. In the distant future, humans have become an endangered species where eighty percent of the of beings are robots with artificial intelligence. Android ID 722 Yoko Suzuki (Megumi Kagurazaka) is one of them. As a messenger robot, she travels from star to star to deliver packages with apparently meaningless content to the people who now live in the most lonely places in the universe. "For his poetic, moving and courageous attempt to express a grief that is inexpressible and for combining all too real elements with lo-fi science fiction, the NETPAC jury awards the prize to The Whispering Star. (NETPAC Jury - Toronto)