The Return of the Aramean People

| 62 min
| German

"Tur Abdin" is what Aramaic Christians call their homeland in southeast Turkey, not far from the Syrian border. One of the earliest Christian settlements in the world, very few live there today. Most Aramaic Christians have fled war, violence and repression. Some even fled to Germany. Now, exiled Arameans from Göppingen want to return to southeastern Turkey to safeguard their cultural heritage and rebuild their destroyed villages. Director Anja Reiß accompanies them back home. "Migration is a constantly changing process that can change direction at any time in our globalized world. More and more migrants are leaving Germany to return to their old homeland because they see better opportunities for themselves there. I was interested in the personal motives for their departure, and their courage to dare a second new start." (Anja Reiß)