The Postman's White Nights

| 97 min
| English German

Gentle vignettes from a remote northern Russian village on the shores of Lake Kenozero tell the story of its postman, who is the village's only lifeline to the outside world. In the shadow of the nearby spaceport, the villagers live off their pensions and become addicted to vodka under the yoke of the mayoress. When the postman Aleksey's outboard motor is stolen, the village is cut off from the outside world. Director Andrei Konchalovsky, with a cast of mostly amateur actors, illustrates the divide between town and country in Russia. "Konchalovksy’s art reveals a beauty to a rustic life that is being lost – as if this is the last chance to witness this kind of small-town life. If it is, Konchalovsky has crafted a beautiful record of this world." (Filmuforia)