The Heroics

| 99 min
| German English

Michel, father of a teenager and a newborn, has been sober for 10 months but still struggles with his addiction and seems unable to get his life back on track. Michel hasn’t held down a job for nearly 40 years, only finding occasional employment in his friends garage. He prefers hanging out with his teenage son. THE HEROICS is an adaptation of Maxime Roy's 2018 short film of the same name, with François Créton and Maxime Roy co-writing the screenplay for both the short and feature-length film. "François Créton skillfully takes over the film as if this story belonged to him. With each shot, he leaves an indelible mark, multiplying his register in an admirable way, going from an abandonment for life to a situation to get the best it can offer." (Kino Culture Montreal)