The Fever (Katharina Weingartner)

| 100 min
| German

Malaria is one of the world's deadliest diseases. On average it claims one human life per minute. The solution could be as simple as a common medicinal plant. In the crisis region of East Africa, the alternative medicine practitioner Rehema Namyalo, biologist Richard Mukabana, and pharmacologist Patrick Ogwang focus on Artemisia annua (annual mugwort) as a treatment. The isolated active ingredient artemisinin has long been used successfully by the global pharmaceutical industry in expensive malaria drugs. As the three researchers look into cheaper, local solutions, they encounter fierce resistance from the pharmaceutical companies and great skepticism from their own governments. Even the is unwilling to support their efforts. Not even the World Health Organization supports their efforts. Is it really a matter of development cooperation, or is this colonial subjugation and greed for profit?