Tender Parasites

| 86

Jakob and Manu have their own survival strategies: they live in a camp in the forest, shower at the public pool and fulfil other people's wishes or satisfy their longings. Young German cinema icon Robert Stadlober and Maja Schöne star in the thriller love story as TENDER PARASITES who enter people's lives to fulfill specific emotional needs – at a price. “Feelings on demand...tells a smart story without moralizing about love as commodity.” (Spiegel Online) Manu (Schöne) and Jakob (Stadlober) live in a small tent in the woods, on the fringes of society. To replenish their supplies, they offer their “services” to people in emotional duress. Maja and Jakob make love for a dying woman who wants to leave this world with one last experience of tenderness, even if as a spectator. For Maja and Jakob, these acts seem to be mercenary, but is it exploitation if they offer some moments of happiness? Co-director Oliver Schwabe (“Egoshooter”) has made a name both as director of original indie features about disaffected youth and innovative pop culture documentaries (“Disco Love Machine”, “Berlin – Sound of the Divided City”) that make imaginative use of archival material.