Taj Mahal

| 92 min
| English German

Based on the real-life events of the November 2008 Mumbai terrorist attack at the luxurious Taj Mahal Hotel, 18-year-old Louise endures a night of mortal terror. Having just arrived in India, the family initially spends time at the Taj Mahal Hotel. While her parents go out for dinner, Louise is left alone in the hotel room. As the attackers turn the hotel into an inferno, she hides in the bathroom. Her cell phone is her only connection to the outside world. "Though it looks like a disaster movie on the surface, TAJ MAHAL is about trial by fire, a brutal introduction to the violence of the world and the clear head you need." (Cineuropa) "Nicolas Saada's feature debut, Taj Mahal, is a work of art marked by the aesthetic sensibility of leaving much unsaid." (Indmovie Review)