System Crasher

| 120 min
| English German

Nora Fingscheidt’s feature debut about the difficult nine-year-old Benni, was the suprise success of the Deutscher Filmpreis, where it won eight awards, including best picture. Benni is known as a "system crasher" because she is no longer accepted by any institution in the youth welfare services. Foster families, group homes, special education schools: no matter where Benni goes she immediately gets kicked out again. All she wants is security and to live with her mother again, but Bianca is afraid of her unpredictable daughter. When there seems to be no place for Benni anymore and no solution is in sight, Micha, an anti-violence trainer, works to free her from the spiral of anger and aggression. "A wrenching and poignant tour-de-force... the audience feels the impact and sense of powerlessness of all involved." (