| 78 min
| English German

The nationalist volunteer battalion Azov regularly organizes summer camps for children and youth to shape them into patriotic Ukrainians. At the camp, the children learn to fight, shoot and follow orders. The film by Moritz Schulz follows two 12-year-olds, Jasmin and Jastrip, who have very different family backgrounds. Jasmin has a stable social environment, but sees the camp as a chance to make more of herself. Jastrip, on the other hand, is neglected by his parents and looks for a substitute family in the instructors. The documentary shows how easy it is to turn naive children into loyal soldiers - and the absurd ways in which the perpetrators justify themselves. "SUMMERWAR manages from the very first minute to capture its audience and take them on a journey into the bizarre world of the "Azovets" camp. One is torn between disgust and compassion. SUMMERWAR is special and a must-see just for the fact that it got made at all." (