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The victims, their relatives and friends give insight into the atrocities that took place at 'Am Spiegelgrund', a clinic for children in Austria. The traumatic events that took place in Vienna in this National Socialist institution still affects them today. In this so-called health clinic, barbarous experiments were carried out on children and many hundreds of children were murdered. It was also where National Socialist doctor and euthanasia murderer Dr. Heinrich Gross started his career. Decades after National Socialism ended in Austria, he continued a celebrated career path in spite of the irrefutable evidence of his criminal activity. Even long after National Socialist terror had officially ended in Austria, he persisted in conducting medical experiments on the preserved brains of his victims. And did so with legal impunity. Later he worked as an esteemed psychiatric advisor. The film also has medical and historical experts discuss other aspects of this case. We hear from Elisabeth Brainin, a psychiatric and neurology specialist, Wolfgang Neugebauer, head of the Austrian Resistance documentation archive and Werner Vogt, a doctor who was sued for libel by Heinrich Gross (The Spiegelgrun euthanasia murderer) in 1979. During that trial the accusations against Gross were confirmed. Vogt was acquitted in 1981. A hearing in Vienna against Heinrich Gross was opened on March 21, 2000 (after the film was completed). The case had just opened for an hour when the proceedings were adjourned indefinitely. The reason: inability of the defendant to follow the hearing. A decision that was based on a dubious 'expert opinion':