Si-o-se Pol - The Last Days of Parvis K.

| 82 min
| German (Germany) English (United States) Spanish (Spain)

The terminally ill Parvis K. flees Iran across the Mediterranean Sea to Spain to reconcile himself with his daughter Nasrin, who lives in Europe. There he meets two European migrants who are also in distress. "THE LAST DAYS OF PARVIS K. is an emotional and moving story about three different fates." ( Henrik Peschel's internationally acclaimed drama THE LAST DAYS OF PARVIS K. is at the same time a very private and a very political story. Parvis flees to Europe after a long prison term which involved torture. Together with his new companions, Fabrizio, a failed pianist from Italy who keeps his head above water with occasional jobs, and Almut, a pampered German woman who drifts lost through life, Parvis embarks on an uncertain journey through Europe.