Sag mir, wo du stehst

| 30 min

Arrested, interrogated, persecuted, suppressed. At the Hohenschönhausen Memorial in Berlin, eyewitnesses recall the Stasi methods used during arrest. All of them remain traumatized. Their accusations are directed at the former SED regime. Conversely, former Stasi employees deny that any injustice occurred. In the film, both sides confront each other. A battle for the interpretation of the past begins. Personal memories, however, show that history has many facets. But it is the dialogue between victims and perpetrators that can lead to understanding rather than condemnation. Matthias Melster wanted to leave the GDR. Wolfgang Warnke tried to help a GDR citizen flee the Republic. Klaus Schulz-Ladegast was suspected of espionage. In the film, they talk about that period from today's perspective, a time that won't let go of any of them.