Every Miracle

| 27
German (Germany)

The filmmaker portrays an elderly woman (her own grandmother) who has not given up the fight for living independently. A film about everyday life and aging. A house of uninhabited rooms, somewhere in West Germany – filled with objects from decades past: family photographs on colorful wallpaper, dusty books, postcards, countless clocks. An older woman still lives there, but she does not see these rooms anymore. Her eyesight is fading, and she can no longer go upstairs unaided. But in her daily routines, everything focuses on the here and now: “Where are we gonna go for dinner?” “What’s the weather going to be like?” And, most important of all, “What time is it?”. "With SÄMTLICHE WUNDER, Juliane Henrich offers a "monument to her grandmother which is both representative and universal." (sennhausersfilmblog.ch)