Roland Klick: The Heart Is a Hungry Hunter

| 79 min
| English German

Roland Klick is a film history legend. He made movies with stars like Mario Adorf and Dennis Hopper, won German film awards, then mysteriously faded away after only six films. This is the story of a film maniac who was crushed between the opposing fronts of German cinema and his own lack of compromise. Otto Sander recalls his first screen appearance in "Ludwig." Eva Mattes reviews one of her most memorable roles and recounts the making of "Supermarkt." Hark Bohm commemorates his brother Marquard, who rose to stardom with DEADLOCK. And horror film icon David Hess, who raged alongside Hopper in "White Star," interprets Klick's drama from an American perspective: "He was a dreamer living inside a German - it's not an easy thing to be."