Ritter, Dene, Voss

Musik, Tanz, Theater
| 182 min
German (Germany)

Although this play was written for these particular actors, they play the family Wittgenstein in this Grotesque, ranging from feuds to incestuous desires. Three Viennese siblings, heirs to a great fortune, live together. Ludwig (Gert Voss) is dedicated to philosophy and explores unthought thoughts – in England, Norway and recently in the famous Viennese sanatorium Steinhof. His two sisters, both actresses, are majority shareholders of the Josefstädter Theater in Vienna. The younger one (Ilse Ritte) is the more successful while the older one sister(Kirsten Dene) has barely enough talent even for the smallest parts. Since their brother Ludwig has returned (against his will) from the psychiatric institution, the sisters feel all the more responsible for him. Now, in this feudalistic villa setting, everyday catastrophes take place within this rich and eccentric family, ranging from feuds to incestuous desires. However, with Thomas Bernhard, such abysses in human relations no longer lead to tragedy but directly into the grotesque…