Reported Missing

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
| 87 min
| English

Suddenly, 14-year-old Martha has disappeared. Her father Lothar, who has had no contact with her or his ex-wife for years, reluctantly sets out to find her. Lothar, an engineer for reactor safety, follows his daughter's tracks across the country, but the search comes to nothing until he meets 12-year-old Lou. Together with her, he continues his journey, observing the formation of vigilante groups and an increased police presence. Slowly, Lothar realizes that the world he thought he knew has changed. "A deep social unease dominates Jan Speckenbach's first feature-length film. Demographic change is only the hook for an unspectacularly imploding vision of the future. Carried by the dubious charm of the West German province, the dense drama develops a pull like that of a Kafka novel." (Film-Dienst)