Rent Boys

| 83 min

This authentic documentary follows male sex workers from Bahnhof Zoo in Berlin as they work in bars, porn cinemas or on the street, shedding light on the issue of male prostitution. The film focuses on five sex workers, three of whom are Roma. Street workers, most of whom are recruited from the ranks of former sex workers, as well as clients and bar owners also have their say. They tell their life stories, such as Nazif, a Roma who came to Berlin in the turmoil of the Bosnian civil war, or Daniel-René, who was forced into prostitution as a minor. "The value-free and unadulterated look into the Berlin hustler scene, into relevant bars and porn cinemas, on the roadside, at psychological problems, drugs and AIDS makes THE BOYS FROM THE BAHNHOF ZOO worth seeing despite its conventional way of making." (Filmstarts)