Teststand 7

Musik, Tanz, Theater
Sci-Fi & Fantasy
| 110 min
| German

At the centre of the experimental film-collage TESTSTAND 7 is the V-2 rocket, the so-called “Wunderwaffe” (wonder weapon) developed by the Nazis. On October 3, 1942, the V-2 became the first rocket to enter space. After the war, despite accusations of his involvement in Hitler’s regime, its designer Wernher von Braun was given a leading position in the NASA space program. TESTSTAND 7 is a character study of the rocket... The film is aimed at the heart of our fascination with modern technology, for which the rocket stands as its towering emblem. For TESTSTAND 7, the US cult author Thomas Pynchon has for the first time given permission for a partial filming of his rocket novel Gravity’s Rainbow. (Michael Girke)