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Bernd wants to be a cool father but by his over-understanding nature, he deprives Philipp of any chance for development or rebellion. Winner of the First Steps Award, PHILIPP is Fabian Möhrke's diploma film from the Academy of Film and Television in Potsdam. Philipp suffers from not being able to detach himself from his cool and friendly (and hovering) father. Philipp is fifteen. Bernd, Philipp’s dad, does what he can to be a good buddy to his son. He’s even full of understanding when Philipp steals from him. And it’s not just Philipp’s friends that think Bernd’s a really cool dad; even Caro, Philipp’s new girlfriend, takes a shine to him. Without meaning any harm, Bernd is smothering his son. "In this family drama, all situations have at least a dual trajectory, and Möhrke succeeds in depicting with depth and clarity the unspoken and multi-layered relationship between the characters. The ensemble of the actors is equally appropriately cast and plays credibly and intensively, whereby Max Hegewald deserves special praise in the title role." (fbw-filmbewertung. com)