Perret in France and Algeria

| 110 min

Documentary filmmaker Heinz Emigholz sketches a biography of the French architects and civil engineers Auguste and Gustave Perret and their buildings. Auguste Perret masterfully fine-tuned concrete construction in his finished works and gave it a more classical expression. In parallel with the execution of numerous construction projects in France, Perret also built in North Africa under colonialism circumstances. The buildings completed in Algeria from 1912 to 1952, as well as those erected in France are for the first time featured in a film. Perret's buildings in France and their continued existence in the present are thus in direct comparison with his projects realized in North Africa. "Renowned artist and filmmaker Heinz Emigholz (Schindler's Houses) offers an exquisite excursus on the work of pioneering French architect Auguste Perret." (TIFF)