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Due to a booking error Vanessa is stranded on a barren island. Until she can leave the island again, she has to come to terms with the gnawing lighthouse keeper and other guests. The black comedy OVERBOOKED by Matthias J. Michel, premiered at the Zurich Film Festival, ""defiantly opposes various genre and character stereotypes to create an extraordinary black comedy."" (Letterboxd.com) A booking gone wrong leaves Vanessa stranded on a barren lighthouse for dropouts instead of at a posh resort for the rich and the beautiful. A crisis of major proportions is about to unfold for the spoiled young lady. As if the minimalistic accommodation weren’t enough, she has to deal with the odd lighthouse keeper. On top of this, she finds herself battling for the only available guest room with another guest, Sebastian, a young man looking for some peace and quiet. Tempers are rising and everything is compounded by the fact that the next ship will not arrive until the following week. Will Vanessa and Sebastian warm-up to each other? Or will chilling secret of the lighthouse keeper, who spends a lot of time doing some sort of „handiwork“ in his little shack, bring them closer together?