Out In The Dark

| 91
Hebrew (Israel)
| German

Nimr experiences a double exclusion: from Palestinian society because of his homosexuality, from Israeli society because of his nationality. A cross-border love story. The handsome student Nimr (Nicholas Jacob) dreams of a better life abroad. When he meets the very attractive young lawyer Roy (Michael Aloni) on a fateful night, it is love at first sight. But the harsh realities of a Palestinian society, condemning homosexuality and the neighboring country of Israel, despising him for his nationality, force Nimr to choose between life and love. Michael Mayer's feature film debut OUT IN THE DARK celebrated its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. OUT IN THE DARK is a gripping and convincing feature debut; tender and exciting, sensual and exciting at the same time. In Mayer's safe hands the drama pulsates with urgency, longing and raw feeling."" (hollywoodreporter. com)