Off Road

| 70 min
| German

Elisa Amoruso debut documentary portraits Pino, a mechanic and a rally car champion who decides to become a woman, naming himself Beatrice. As a transgender person, she meets Marianna, a nurse from Romania who is taking care of Beatrice's elderly mother. Beatrice and Marianna fall in love. Fighting the prejudice of established society, the two of them manage to get married in Rome. Consequently Beatrice becomes a father-figure to Marianna's son, Daniele. In high heels, Beatrice continues to work as a mechanic and to pursue her passion for off road racing. "The protagonist of the film is their love story. The strength of their love is a symbiotic force in which two human beings strive to become a single entity. In their case this can be clearly seen in their extreme attempt to physically look alike." (Elisa Amoruso)