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Luris, tacky, overheated fantasy of Hollywood youth is splattered comically across, the finale of Gregg Araki's ""Teen Apocalypse"". ""American Graffiti"" vs ""Beverly Hills 90210"". NOWHERE follows a day in the life of handsome, tormented Dark Smith (James Duval), a doom-obsessed 18-year-old who is convinced that the end of the world is at hand. Dark has a beautiful girlfriend named Mel (Rachel True) who adores him but refuses to be tied down. Her string of lovers includes a viper-tongued lesbian sidekick named Lucifer (Kathleen Robertson) and a pair of hunky blond identical twins who accost her during the film's climactic wild party. A surreal ""American Graffiti"" crossed with a kinky ""Beverly Hills 90210,"" as imagined by a punked-out acolyte of John Waters or Andy Warhol."" (New York Times)