No Date, No Signature

| 104

In this drama about Iranian class society, forensic doctor Kaveh Nariman finds himself involved in the death of a child. In a late-night accident, Nariman rams a motorcycle carrying a family of four. Eight-year-old Amir has a slight head injury. Nariman urges Amir's father Moosa to go to the hospital. But the next day, the dead boy is admitted to Nariman's clinic for an autopsy. Dr. Nariman believes he is to blame for the child's death. But his colleague diagnoses food poisoning as the cause. So was Amir's father responsible after all for giving his son spoiled meat? "A well-acted drama in which all levels of Iranian society teeter on the edge of legality." (Variety) "A very human, very authentic drama that offers a glimpse of Iranian society rarely experienced." (