Neue Vahr Süd

| 90

Everyone thinks 20-year-old Frank is a hippy - but he didn't object to military service in time and now has to serve in the Bundeswehr. Based on the novel by Sven Regener. Frank Lehmann still lives with his parents in Bremen's "Neue Vahr" neighborhood. He gets into trouble with the Bundeswehr because of the strict rules. His bedroom at home was converted into a hobby room so with nowhere else to go, he moves in with a left-wing school friend, Martin Klapp. Here, too, clashes abound. Sven Regener, singer for the band Element of Crime, considered his novel unfilmable. And yet Hermine Huntgeburth has succeeded in making what Der Spiegel calls "probably the most brilliant stink bomb ever dropped on ARD primetime."