Name Me

Action & Abenteuer
| 90 min
| English German

In sun-bathed Crimea before the Russian invasion, 17-year-old Olya, accompanied by her easygoing friend, Sasha, musters the courage to meet her biological father for the first time. Right before they meet Olya's father, the two decide to switch roles. At first, the whole situation seems to work out well, but soon Sergey, Olya's father, becomes suspicious. "This is a fascinating first work, which aims at a versatile construction in its characters and the deconstruction of its dramatic emphasis, while weaving a chronistic and subliminal quest of the Crimean conflict, perceptible to those who want to see beyond appearances. Not to be missed!" (c7nema) "Sayfullaeva and Mulmov´s screenplay accommodates archetypes, stereotypes and motifs in a flourishing narrative and synergic puzzle." (screenanarchy)