Love & Sex
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Manuel, an autism-prone gardener, is nagged by his mother to find a woman. But he prefers to live in his own cocoon made of plants and flowers. The actor Max Hegewald (SCHERBENPARK, SCHNEE ESSEN, Weissensee, Nackt unter Wölfen) also studied screenwrtiting at the Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf. Love is not for winners - is the tag line of his directoral debut film NACHTSCHATTENGEWÄCHSE. Hegewald won the Golden Gamera - Lilli Palmer & Curd Jürgens as best acting newcomer in 2011. In 2012 he was nominated for the New Faces Award as best newcomer actor; Günter Strack TV Prize 2014; nomination for the Jupiter Award in2015. It is astonishing that Max Hegewald also finds the time for screenwriting and direction. His NACHTSCHATTENGEWÄCHSE premiered at the 'Mittellanger Film' competition of the Max-Ophüls-Preis film festival, and thus competed directly with Hegewald's other directorial work SCHNEE ESSEN. The story in NACHTSCHATTENGEWÄCHSE centers on Manuel, an autism-prone gardener at the botanical garden. While his mother nags him to finally find a woman, Manuel much prefers to live in his own cocoon made of plants and flowers. But the young ice cream vendor Victoria has cast an eye on the timid gardener. Her efforts to get closer to Manuel know no bounds and violate more than one limit. "I was not able to make a big changes to the screenplay. I thought it was a very sweet, little love story, almost like a fairy tale movie, and then I said, ok then, we have to make a fairy tale movie and go a bit over the top with it." (Max Hegewald)