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At the age of 12 Maya lost all of her hair. Within a couple of weeks she went completely bald. The diagnosis: Alopecia areata. It causes Maya’s body to reject every single hair. Two years later she has gotten used to her baldness. But summer is a brutal time for her. It’s too hot to hide under a wig or a hat. Then Maya feels naked and she asks herself: how do others perceive me? Am I all right the way I am? Am I beautiful? To find some answers, Maya takes lots of selfies, just like her friends. And somewhere in between swiping, liking, and sharing, the girls are growing into young women. MySelfie is a documentary that observes the levels of self-perception and external perception that Maya and her friends are experiencing. It is not about narcissism but about searching and finding one’s inner self, and, eventually, self-love. A coming-of-age film that portrays the self-exploration of a whole generation by looking at Maya’s story.