My Vietnam

| 70 min
| English German

The Vietnamese couple Bay and Tam have lived in Germany for 30 years. They clean empty offices for a living and have had little opportunity to interact with mainstream German society. Through Skype and online chat rooms, they have created their own virtual version of Vietnam in their Munich apartment. A film about the difficulty of living in two places at the same time and the question of what effect this duality has on a marriage, family and sense of belonging. "There are people in this world who exist without really being noticed by society. Our protagonists* live in such a reality. They came to Germany in search of a better life and left everything behind for it. But what does life look like 30 years later? Have they really found a new home in Germany? Is it possible to maintain a connection with their far-away family via the Internet, or doesn't it rather lead to alienation?" (Director's commentary)