My Body

| 80 min
| German

Teenager Oscar and his older brother Roberto work for their father and collect scrap metal at a dump in Sicily to feed the family, and it's an exhausting job. For Stanley, an African immigrant, the worst seems to be behind him. He has his a residence permit and a friend to share food and memories. In exchange for a Sicilian priest's hospitality, he cleans the church and looks after the garden and sheep. Stanley could leave Sicily and seek his fortune in a country that gives him a real chance, but something keeps him there. A job in the Sicilian hinterland brings Oscar and Stanley together for a brief moment in their lives. "Pennetta’s graceful, 80-minute third film, selected as part of Cannes’ ACID section, feels like a culmination in more ways than just length, as it also finds his aesthetic philosophy at its most refined." (Variety)