Mayor, Shepherd, Widow, Dragon

| 90 min
| German

Pirin is the the last village in Europe where a dragon still exists. A secluded mountain village in Bulgaria, Pirin soon will disappear - swallowed up by nature - with everyone gone. Pirin's 130 remaining inhabitants are mostly widowed women and old bachelors. In search of better living conditions, most young people have migrated to Western Europe. This film is interested in the people who stayed behind. The MAYOR who is trying to change the village's fate for the better, the SHEPHERD who endures the inevitable decline, the WIDOW who struggles to preserve the unpreservable and Gincho, the legendary DRAGON, hovering above the village waiting for its time to come. German-Bulgarian director Eliza Petkova received the Film Critics' Prize at the 2022 Max Ophüls Festival for her direct cinema homage. ONLY AVAILABLE IN GERMANY