Master Game

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In 1994, 27 paintings by the Austrian artist Arnulf Rainer were painted over in black by unknown parties at the Wiener Kunstakademie. The attackers painted a line UND DA BESCHLOSS ER AKTIONIST ZU SEIN (And that’s when he decided to become an activist), a modified Adolf Hitler quote, on one of the paintings. At the same time, Austria was hit by a series of bombings, for which the ‘Bajuwarische Befreiungsarmee’ (Bavarian Liberation Army), or BBA, which saw Austria’s ‘German identity’ at risk, claimed responsibility. Is there a connection between the attack at the academy and the BBA bombings, as Rainer and his associates suspected at first? Or was it all just a game, a hallucination or a confused dream, provoked by Vienna, that ‘laboratory of Armageddon’?